Sunday Open

Sundays at 6:45pm

2022 - 2023 Season

  • Congratulations to our champions: Indian Stones and the Temple of Broom
  • Come watch them play at the Club Championship

League Background

The Sunday Open League is in its 21st year. Most teams in the Sunday Open have been part of the league for multiple years, but it is a friendly league and welcomes new teams whenever we can. The Sunday Open League is one of the most active in the club, with many of its members currently or previously on the VCC Board, playing in multiple leagues, and competing in the VCC bonspiels.

If you have any questions about the league, please feel free to contact the person listed below. 

  • Contact Name: Chris Lindeman
  • Contact EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunday Open is a team-based league; email us for the registration link if you have a team.

Sunday Open General Rules

  • We must be off the ice by 8:45 - the bell is just a reminder (see Clock Policy below)
  • Games that are tied at the end of regulation (time or 8 ends) are recorded as ties
  • Spares can call the game, but cannot throw last stones
  • You must have 2 members of your team playing to register a win
  • Sample of 16-team season (points W/T/L) - this will be updated after the first week/pending finalization of the number of teams:
    • Week 1: warm-up night (0/0/0)
    • Week 2-16: round robin draw (12/8/4)
    • Week 17-19: Power Pools (A = 12/8/4, B = 11/7/3, C = 10/6/2, D = 9/5/1)
    • Playoff bracket (must have winner; if tied then draw to the button only sweeping own stones)
      • Week 20: pre-quarters (12/-/4)
      • Week 21: quarterfinals (A = 12/-/4, C = 10/-/2)
      • Week 22: semifinals (A = 12/-/4, B = 11/-/3, C = 10/-/2, D = 9/-/1)
      • Week 23: finals (W/L points as above plus points inverse of placement, e.g., 1st = 16, 4th = 13, 13th = 4, 16th = 1)

Sunday Open Clock Policy

  • We have 2 hours of contracted ice time and we are to be off the ice at the end of that time. As such, the clock rule that we use in the League, is that we honour our 2-hour time limit on the ice.
  • Procedurally, skips should decide for themselves how many more ends they will have after the 5th end - whether there is time for 1, 2, or 3 more ends.
  • Deciding to play more ends does not guarantee that many ends will be played. If the decision is to play more ends the teams should continue playing at a proper pace. Going a small amount over time (up to 5 minutes, ideally already into the skip stones when clock goes off) to complete the final end is ok as long as you are not making a habit of it. No one curls after us on Sunday night so while it it tempting to finish playing, the ice techs have end-of-night tasks that they need to perform and we do not have permission to go over time.
  • There will be a buzzer that goes off about 25 minutes before the end of our draw. The absolute maximum that can happen after this buzzer is to complete the current end and play one more, regardless of what was previously decided. However, this is still subject to being off the ice at the end of our draw, and does not guarantee that the "one more end" can be completed.

Default Rule

  • It is the responsibility of the defaulting team to contact the members of the opposition to let them know they will not be in attendance. The Team Reps have a contact list for all League Members so they can notify their opponents. If a member of the opposition shows up then a default will be registered.
  • If enough notice is provided (minimum 24 hours by phone, 48 hours by email), then a loss will be given.
  • If a team defaults 2 or more times in a season they will not be eligible to represent the League in the Club Championship, and may not be asked to return the following season.


  • Spares must be VCC members.
  • You can access to a list of members that have expressed interest in sparing for Sunday Open by loggin into the Member's Page section of the Vancurl website. Please give as much advanced notice as possible. Ultimately you, and your team, are responsible for making sure that you have enough players for the game.

Tie Breakers for Playoff Seeding

  1. Team with fewest Defaults wins the tie breaker, then:
  2. Direct Head-to-Head, if possible
  3. Most wins
  4. Comparison of how they perform versus the top team(s) in the standings (working down the standings list until the tie is broken)
  5. Coin flip

Playoff Rules

  • Everyone makes the Playoffs.
  • The higher seeded team gets the choice of hammer and stones.
  • Spares must play front-end positions (lead or second).
  • You must have 2 members of your team playing to register a win.
  • Playoff games must have a winner. If tied at the end of regulation (time or 8 ends) - draw to the button with only throwing team sweeping. Stone must have a piece of the rings to register the win.
  • For the Championship Final Game, if both teams agree to play on a different sheet, they have the right to switch ice with any other game as long as they inform that sheet before the teams enter the ice.

VCC Club Championships

  • The overall points winner from the League (round robin + pools + bracket) gets the League’s spot in the VCC Championship.
  • If the League receives 2 spots for the Championship, and/or a team refuses their spot in the Championship, final placements in the playoff bracket will be used to determine the order in which other teams will be offered the League's spot(s).


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