Our History

Our Champions

The Vancouver Curling Club has a proud tradition of members winning provincial championships, including the Lyall Dagg team that won the MacDonald Brier and World Championship in 1964. For many years VCC was home to the Vancouver Super League and those competitive teams captured nine provincial men's titles wins from 1978 to 1988. That included four titles won by teams skipped by renowned curler Bernie Sparkes.

In total, the VCC has been home to over 50 provincial champion curling teams, listed below. 


  • 1951 – Anne Allen, Mary Jefferson, Phylis Carpenter, Esther Miller
  • 1956 – Marie McAllister, Betty Tansley, Lois Haddon, Isabel Campbell
  • 1958 – Lois Haddon, Betty Tansley, Isabel Campbell, Ruth Ward
  • 1960 – Irene Fraser, Vivianne Chatenay, Connie Abbot, Diana Lawrence
  • 1966 – Marg Cooke, Ruth Hebert, Eva Glover, Marion Ellison
  • 1970 – Donna Clark, Mavis Gordon, Marjorie Mitchell, Gladys Nord
  • 2009 – Marla Mallett, Grace MacInnes, Diane Gushulak, Jacalyn Brown
  • 2023 - Clancy Grandy, Kayla MacMillan, Lindsay Dubue, Sarah Loken
  • 2024 - Clancy Grandy, Kayla MacMillan, Lindsay Dubue, Sarah Loken


  • 1936 – William Whalen, Bill Whalen, J.W. Nation, W.R. Broatch
  • 1937 – R.V. David, Frank Avery, Fred Tinling, George Norgan
  • 1938 – William Finlay, Fred Tinling, L. Tinling, William Lesage
  • 1939 – Rollie David, Frank Avery, R. Wickstrom, George Law
  • 1940 – William Finlay, Fred Tinling, N. Williams, William Lesage
  • 1941 – William Finlay, Rollie David, L. Tinling, William Lesage
  • 1942 – D. Campbell, Frank Avery, R. Henderson, George Law
  • 1943 – Frank Avery, D. Garnham, F. Steacy, R. Dickson
  • 1946 – Frank Avery, Bob Brown, R. Henderson, N. Wiginton
  • 1950 – E. Cartmell, Ty Cobb, Charles Cook, D. Garnham
  • 1954 – E. Cartmell, Les Kitson, J. Dickson, Reg Fry
  • 1959 – Barry Naimark, Fred Langen, Evan Wolfe, R. Beddoes
  • 1964 – Lyall Dagg, Leo Hebert, Fred Britton, Barry Naimark
  • 1970 – Lyall Dagg, Barry Naimark, Leo Hebert, T. Paulsen
  • 1977 – Roy Vinthers, Leo Hebert, Greg Pruden, Barry Naimark
  • 1978 – Bernie Sparks, Ron Thomson, Al Cook, Keiven Bauer
  • 1979 – Glen Pierce, W.Matthewson, Bruce Davey, Fuji Miki
  • 1982 – Brent Giles, Greg Monkman, Al Roemer, Brad Giles
  • 1983 – Bernie Sparkes, Jim Armstrong, Al Cook, Keiven Bauer
  • 1984 – Bernie Sparkes, Jim Armstrong, Ron Thompson, Jim Heitz
  • 1985 – Paul Devlin, Doug Meger, Ken Watson, Dale Reiben
  • 1987 – Bernie Sparkes, Jim Armstrong, Monte Ziola, Jamie Sexton
  • 1988 – Ron Thompson, Glen Hillson, G. Franklin, Rob Robinson
  • 1990 – Craig Lepine, Ross Graham, Mike Bradley, G. McEachran


  • 1969 – Barry Naimark, Bobbie Wallace, Terry Paulson, Dell-Jean Miller
  • 1979 – Bernie Sparkes, Lindsay Sparkes, Al Cook, Dawn Knowles
  • 1982 – Glen Pierce, Marlene Neubauer, Fuji Miki, Sharon Bradley
  • 1995 – Al Roemer, Lynda Roemer, Mark Futcher, Susan Allen
  • 2013 – Keith Switzer, Sandra Comadina, Leonard Firkus, Carman Cheng, Brad Blackwell

Senior Women

  • 1983 – Mary Williams, Carol Trueman, Beverly Mare, Erna Swanson

Senior Men

  • 1965 – Fred Tinling, F. Law, E. Woods, H. Williamson
  • 1966 – Frank Avery, Les Kitson, Ty Cobb, B. Peterson
  • 1967 – Frank Avery, Les Kitson, D. Quinnell, B. Peterson
  • 1981 – Gerry Jansen, Verne White, Ken Stowe, Vic Merril
  • 1983 – Barry Naimark, Leo Hebert, John French , Gordon Campbell
  • 1986 – Ted Moir, Leo Hebert, Jim Topley, Jerry Jansen
  • 1990 – Gerry Martin, Bill Lohner, Leo Hebert , Ted Moir

Masters Men

  • 2001 – Gerry Martin, Leo Hebert, Bill Lohner, Jerry Lawrence

Junior Women

  • 1988 – Colleen Hannah, Melissa Soligo, Lori Atkins, Tracy Butt

Junior Men

  • 1954 – Ron Foster, Bill Morrow, George Pick, Harold Popoff
  • 1960 – Gene Hewitt, Trev Tucker, Wally Thom, Gary Truscott
  • 1987 – Brent Pierce, Ross Graham, Bryan Miki, Darin Fenton

BC Club Challenge Women

  • 2013 - Amy Gibson, Rebecca Turley, Carmen Cheng, Michelle Dunn


Our Life Members

The Vancouver Curling Club is proud of the following members who have given time, effort and personal sacrifice to promote the game of curling. They have been awarded with honourary life memberships. 

Criteria for Honourary Life Member Nominations

  • Demonstrated a solid commitment to the sport of curling in general
  • Demonstrated a strong commitment to the Vancouver Curling Club
  • Has a record of involvement in VCC sponsored events, involving both time and effort
  • Commitment to all facets of curling, including fair play, association with other curlers, etc.

Submissions for nomination should be in written form and should include the name of the nominee, the name of the nominating member and a resume or letter which outlines how the member believes the nominee meets the criteria outlined above. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Brian Bishop

2019 Hamish Macdonald, Gary Lubin
2017 Jen Lucas
2016 Ron McKay
2014 Kathy McInnes
2012 Scott Allen
2009 Dan Robertson
2008 Colleen McCullough
2007 Phyllis Carpenter, Joy McLellan
2006 Al Moore
2000 Pat McSherry, Croft Bain, Wilf Shaver
1998 Keith Switzer, Marianne Forrest, Arlene Watson
1995 Ron Avery
1996 Nick Lutz
1988 Jack Murphy
1984 Buck Glover, Leo Hebert 
1980 Art Hogan, George McCord, Herb Millham, Barry Naimark
1977 Bill Good Sr., Les Kitson, J.D. McDougall
1974 Ted Glover
1971 Sid Standen
1969 Peter McTavish
1959 Harry Jamieson
1958 Matt Sloper
1957 Walter Routliffe, Sam Brennagh
1956 George Norgan, James Nation, Mel O'Brien, Bill Finlay
1955 Earl Bennett, Elmer Meredith, Harry Wallace
1954 Jack Cornett
1952 Dave Garnham
1951 Frank Avery
1949 Rev. Dr. A.M. Sanford


Our History

Curling began in Vancouver in 1912 when Lester and Frank Patrick built the Denman Arena. This facility was affectionately known as "the Pile," bringing hockey to Vancouver as well as curling.

The Vancouver Curling Club occupied the basement of the Denman Arena. Curling stopped during the First World War and did not recommence until 1931 at the newly built Forum on the current PNE grounds with 10 sheets of curling ice.

In 1936, BC participated in the Brier for the first time ever, and a Vancouver team represented the province after winning in Nelson. That same year, the Denman Arena burned down, hockey took over the Forum, forcing curling to only one sheet of ice at the end, and it was 12 feet short of regulation length.

The need for more space and the desire of keen competitors brought new funds for a new facility at 18th & Heather in 1938. Plans were scrapped after the sod turning with the start of World War II. After the war, J.W. Cornett, our Honourary Life President, spearheaded the fundraising, design and construction of our five-sheet facility, which opened October 7, 1949 on Dinmont Avenue.

1949 opening program

During the 62 years that the VCC spent on Dinmont Avenue, the club and its building had an exciting history.  Thirty-nine of the club's 48 provincial championships - our purple heart winners - were captured by VCC teams curling off of our sand-based floor and on sheets that were a few of feet short of regulation. This included the Lyall Dagg team that won the 1964 men's world championship.  

From the piano in the upper lounge and the cafeteria in the lower lounge to the roof and column replacement and the annual spring-time heaves in the ice, the VCC and its members had a number of highs and lows in the five-sheet facility.

In August 2011, the Club moved to a new eight-sheet facility. Located in Hillcrest Centre, the legacy curling facility from the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the VCC now has a concrete floor, a modern ice plant and a proud new home inside of a community recreation centre.

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Vancouver Curling Club
4575 Clancy Loranger Way
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 2M4

[email protected] 

About VCC

The Vancouver Curling Club is located at Hillcrest Centre in the facility that hosted the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games curling competitions. With eight sheets of ice in a modern, bright and accessible building, the VCC has over 1,700 members who participate in 28 weekly leagues.

The Vancouver Curling Club acknowledges that we operate on the traditional territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish First Nations who lived here before us and continue to live here.

To be a leader in community-focused curling.

To cultivate an environment where community members come together to deliver positive curling and social experiences for people of all ages and abilities.

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