VCC Championship

The VCC Championship runs each season after the end of league play with the following guidelines:

  • The Membership Services Coordinator will organize this event.
  • The VCC Championship dates and entry process will be advertised to the membership each year and be discussed at the January league reps' meeting.  At that time, deadline dates for naming teams, etc will be announced.
  • The winner of the VCC Championship will be considered the open champion of the VCC as there will be no gender or age restrictions on participation in the event, other than meeting the requirement that the team represent a league in the VCC, and be nominated by that league for participation in the VCC Championship.
  • Each league will have the opportunity to nominate a minimum of one team for the VCC Championship. The number of teams for each league will be determined by dividing the number of sheets used by each league in each draw by the total number of sheets the Club has for all the leagues. How each league nominates a team is of each league's respective choosing.
  • The draw will have a maximum of 32 teams. If leagues do not enter their allotted teams, then the number of teams in the event will decrease accordingly.
  • The random draw to place teams into the VCC Championship will be completed at the January leagues reps' meeting, whereby league names will be used as placeholders until team names are provided closer to the event start.
  • The draw will consist of an A and B draw single elimination format, with eight-end games.  Any games tied after eight ends will utilize a draw to the button to determine a winner; the exception being for the A and B event finals where an extra end will be played.
  • Should any participating team need a spare during the VCC Championship, the spare must play in the league that the team in question is representing.
  • The A event winners receive VCC club champion team jackets. The runners-up in the A event, as well as the B event winners and runners-up, receive prizes to be determined by the event organizers.


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