Members' Practice Ice Times

The open ice calendar shows when ice is available for VCC members to practice. Members' open ice times on Saturdays are not subject to change. Members can reserve ahead of time one of four sheets held for 45 minutes of practice ice time during members' open ice times by filling in a form below between Mondays at 11 am and Fridays at noon. Members may not be booked to be on the ice for both reserved practice ice sessions on Saturdays.

  • Open ice is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Check the sign by the ice techs' office to confirm which sheets are in use during open ice time.
  • At least half the sheets will be available for individuals to practice for 30 minutes or for two VCC members to practice for 60 minutes. The remaining sheets will be for teams to practice up to two hours. This will not apply during members' open ice practice on Saturdays, when half the sheets may be reserved ahead of time online for 45-minute sessions.
  • Fill in the board showing your practice start time and sheet you are on.
  • League make-up games, but not league playoff games, can be scheduled during open ice times by contacting or 604-874-0122.
  • Teams that qualify for a provincial championship representing VCC can utilize up to six hours of open practice ice by contacting or 604-874-0122. See the policy here.
  • Members cannot receive remuneration for coaching offered during the use of open ice. Lessons can be booked with a VCC coach by contacting or 604-874-0122.
  • VCC members may bring up to three non-members to practice with during open ice time, but those three non-members may do so only once. Open ice is not available for non-members to utilize by themselves. A VCC practice membership can be purchased for $38.85.

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