Harvest Bonspiel

2019 Harvest Bonspiel Winners

Harvest A event winners

Congratulations to the Dances with Werewolves team, winners of the A event in the Harvest Bonspiel that ended on Oct. 27. Left to right are Glen Smith (lead), Tom Sayer (second), Rick Feeney (third) and Stephen Schneider (skip). The Fab 50 team from the Royal City CC - Marnie Jepsen, Dianne Gauthier, Christine Mathews and Lesley Hruby - won the B event. The Johnson Tao junior team, including Toby Mills, Connor Kent and Michael Nunn, won the C event. The D event was won by the Phillipa Growler team of Mark Mackie, Michelle Rusch, Kym Neutel, Todd Rowlatt and Jen Lucas.