We're already into our fourth season at Hillcrest Centre - the legacy facility from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Over the last few years, the VCC External Affairs Committee, Board of Directors and staff have worked closely with the Vancouver Park Board to transition to this wonderful facility.

The major tasks undertaken (to ensure the VCC's home is one we can all be proud of) included planning for the conversion of the curling club space from the 2010 Winter Games facility, writing and approving a Business Plan based on the principles approved by the membership at the 2009 AGM (which is complete with a long list of furniture, fixtures, and equipment that were sourced and purchased), securing a loan to fund the up-front costs associated with the move, working on a large number of facility conversions and updates, and much more.

Over the past six years, the Club has also been finalizing an Operating Agreement between the VCC and the Vancouver Park Board. We have a signed MOU that outlines all of the major details for the Operating Agreement, and discussions continue to complete negotiations so that an Operating Agreement can be ratified.

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