Start the New Year Off Right... and Volunteer

2013 will see a number of special events make our Club more than just an ice shed to come to once or twice a week to curl with your team and league members. Given our membership make-up, VCC bonspiels, open houses and other events showcase that curling is a sport enjoyed by a very diverse group of people. While our staff members do as much as they can for special events, they need the support of volunteers, before, during and after events, to make sure things run smoothly.

Volunteering at the VCC has a long history and it can take many forms. Each year, a dozen individuals volunteer their time to participate on the Board of Directors and help guide the staff and implement our long-term plan. Board members also lead the six standing committees that oversee specific areas of the Club’s overall operations. Note: There is currently a vacancy on the Board so if any member is interested in serving, please email Scott Allen, our club president.

Staff and Board members, though, welcome the input and participation of members at large on all of the Board committees and sub-committees. League representatives take on the role of wrangling their members, building draws and attending meetings to give member feedback to the Board and the staff. Each special event also has its own organizing committee that requires people to help plan, gather prizes, fundraise, raise awareness, and provide support on the day(s) of the event.

In short, volunteering at the VCC can take any form you want it to. A couple of hours greeting people at open houses, or many hours planning one of our great bonspiels, is appreciated. The more people we can get involved, the better our Club will be.

The VCC is a member-run club, not just an organized sport league. Volunteering is a great way to meet some of our very interesting members, give back, and ensure the legacy of curling in Vancouver continues.

If you want to volunteer, or find out more about volunteering you can do so by emailing Willa, contacting Brad, checking out a couple of key current needs. We’d love to have you!