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Our introductory level clinics cover all the fundamentals to get beginners familiar with curling. From basic rules and techniques to beginner strategy and etiquette, the Basic Skills Clinics are perfect if you are about to embark on your first or second season of curling. No previous experience is necessary.

During the pre-season, our Basic Skills Clinics take place over two nights. We also may offer a mid-season abridged version for those newer curlers looking to brush up on their skills and technique and/or those who are new and filling in for the remainder of the season. Basics skills clinics cost $35 + GST.This season's schedule is:

  • In-Season Basic #3: Saturday, Feb. 20th (4pm - 6:30pm)

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The Beyond the Basics Clinics fill the gap between those starting out and those not quite ready for full-on competition. This clinic format is designed for those people who are in their first few years of curling and want to focus on fundamental techniques.

To attend this clinic you must have basic knowledge and understanding of the sport, but can still be in your first year of playing. We will offer several Beyond the Basics Clinics during the season that will cover roughly the same topics. Learning includes important aspects of delivering a rock, sweeping techniques, fundamental drills, and skip training / understanding. All Beyond the Basics clinics are 3 hours in duration. Beyond Basics skills clinics cost $40 + GST for members and $45 + GST for non-members. This season's schedule is:

  • In-Season Beyond the Basics #4: Saturday, Jan 9th (11am - 2pm)

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This clinic level is designed for the experienced curler with a min. of three years curling experience and comfortable with all curling terms and techniques. Participants must be able to perform a controlled, balanced slide delivery to ensure all attendees have a strong grasp of the fundamentals so we can focus on specific and more advanced techniques.

Intermediate Clinics will cover the fundamental techniques of the delivery to help refresh any experienced curler, technical on-ice skill development and strategy, and sweeping techniques. Strategy and tactics around skipping will also be covered. All Intermediate clinics are 3 hours in duration. Intermediate skills clinics cost $40 + GST for members and $45 + GST for non-members This season's schedule is:

  • In-Season Intermediate Clinic #4: Saturday, Jan 9th (11am - 2pm)

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NEW - Advanced Competition Clinic

The Advanced Competition Clinic, new for the 2015-16 season, provides a learning opportunity for the seasoned competitive league player. Taught by a Level 3 CurlBC coach with Provincial and National experience, this clinic is for those players looking to improve their level of competition. Participants will learn advanced drills, on-ice strategy, and the most recent and proven sweeping techniques. Psychological aspects of the game, as well as advanced skipping tutorials will also be covered. Video analysis will be provided to refine and perfect delivery.

To attend this clinic you must be currently participating in a competitive league, or have been curling for four or more years in league play. All advanced clinics are 4 hours in duration. This season's schedule is:

  • In-Season Advanced Competition: Saturday, Date and Time TBD

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It is possible that a clinic could be cancelled 7 days prior to its date, due to low registration attendance. A full refund or reschedule will be provided at that time.