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The Norwesters curl on Tuesdays AND Thursdays from 10am - noon. We are a group of 55+ curlers who have transferred over from the North Shore. The Club has a history that goes back to 1975. We will be curling Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This means you can have an early start to your day with afternoons to do what you want. We like to think of our league as moderately competitive, enjoying fellowship, helping with fitness and just having fun. We are looking forward to curling in the 2010 Olympic Centre with its aquatic and fitness facilities as well. Our season consists of:

  • Four quarters of ten games in each quarter;
  • Teams are mixed and matched each quarter so curlers can meet new players;
  • One game on Tuesday and one game on Thursday between 9:45 and 12:00 noon;
  • Post game coffee and socializing;
  • Christmas and season closing Mini Spiels followed by a catered luncheon and awards;
  • A full (2 x week) membership is $370 for the whole season, $350 for any first-time players to the league. A three quarter membership (curling 3 of the 4 quarters) is $295. A half membership (either 2 quarters/yr. or 1 x week) is $225.
  • Spares cost will be $150. After 5 games, a spare must become a member of the Vancouver Curling Club ($36.50) to continue playing.
  • Spares curl on an as-needed, as-available basis. Please note: The Norwesters Mens Curling Club is not a drop-in league. Membership is required after 5 games of sparing. Summary: Mornings of play: Tuesday and Thursday Draw times: 9:45 to 12:00 Registration: Contact our draw master Walter Knecht (at)

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Murray Budd
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