19th Annual Barry Naimark Charity Skins Bonspiel

Friday, March 3, 2017 - 6:00pm - Sunday, March 5, 2017 - 6:00pm



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The Vancouver Curling Club held the 19th Annual Barry Naimark Charity Skins Bonspiel March 4-6, 2016. Named after the late Barry Naimark - who was a longtime VCC member and part of the Dagg foursome who became world curling champions in 1964 - the Charity Skins Bonspiel is an opportunity for curlers to play the game they love, have fun with their friends and meet other members, all while raising funds for a local charity.


Thompson team

















A event winner: Make it a Double!!  

Pictured left to right: Jack Holmes, Aaron Thompson, Mark Trowell and Brian Oldham

A event runner up: Ken Watson, Doug Meger, Aaron Watson, Kelly Watson

B event winners

B winner: Noah Grant
Pictured left to right: Allan Ho, Tim Dudra, Cecilia Tung, Noah Grant (spares Dianne Fisher and Jan Bos)

B runner up: Sandy Greig, Dave Amy, Doug Poulin, Scott Bell

C event winners

C winner: Glen Broad
Pictured left to right: Glen Broad, Mike Larabie, Steph Funk, David Mudge (spare Gerald Gunn)

C runner up: Carry Over (Peter Lang, Heather Manahan, James Lam, Dan Frederiksen)

D event winners

D winner: Team CoRoLuNe (Corea)
Pictured left to right: Todd Rowlatt, Kym Neutel, Kevin French, Sam Corea

D runner up: The Stoners (Mark Loutet, Phil Barrs, Colin Chan, Amy Tejirian)


The Club is pleased to support
St. James Music Academy. A non-profit organization that inspires Vancouver’s inner city youth to bring social transformation through the power and joy of music.


St. James Music Academy