Doubles Bonspiel

Saturday, February 17, 2018 - 9:00am - 6:00pm

Make It A Double!
2017 Annual VCC Doubles Bonspiel

Congratulations to Kayla Graham and Craig Coyne, winners of this year's Doubles Bonspiel. The A event final was a close one against VCC juniors Ardis Mellor-Laing and Marcus Dee, coming down to a measurement on a draw-to-the-button to break a tie.


The Finals!!! Winners in RED. Click on the attachments at the bottom to see pictures of winning teams and the final draw results.

A Mellor-Laing/Dee vs Graham and Cracker LLC
B M+Ms vs Funk
C Grant vs Hermann
D Inglorious Basterds vs Perry

The Semi Finals Winners in RED

A-1 Bower vs Graham and Cracker LLC A-2 Mellor-Laing/Dee vs Mills-Dabiri
B-1 M+Ms vs Broad B-2 Funk vs Brisebois
C-1 Team Roy vs Hermann C-2 Grant vs Ddotmyk
D-1 Corea/Lucas vs Perry D-2 Inglorious Basterds vs McKenzie/McGinty

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