2018 Charity Skins

The 2018 Barry Naimark Charity Skins Bonspiel will take place from March 2 to March 4, 2018. View the bonspiel information package.


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Named after the late Barry Naimark - who was a longtime VCC member and part of the Dagg foursome who became world curling champions in 1964 - the Charity Skins Bonspiel is an opportunity for curlers to play the game they love, have fun with their friends and meet other members, all while raising funds for a local charity.

It's all over for another year.

It's over for this year and all the rocks have been put to bed. We are proud to announce the winning teams for 2018. Looking forward to seeing you all next year for the 22nd go around!!


A event winners: Doug Poulin, Peter Lang, Mike Bednarz, Scott Weber

B event winners: Aaron Thompson, Jack Holmes, Stephen Bailey, Brian Oldham

C event winners: Steven Hermann, Toby Mills, Daniel Dabiri, Justin Wang

D event winners: Kris Wright, Scott Dion, Floyd Bartell, Jay Parker

The FINALS are on now. Come on down. Soup and sandwich special at the bar while you watch.


The last draw on Saturday completed the race to the semi finals. The finalists are all in place and ready to go early Sunday. Come on down.

Draw 4 Results
Draw 6 Results - Click to Enlarge


The A bracket teams played their game at 12. Next game after dinner determines their Semi Finalists.

Draw 4 Results
Draw 4 Results - Click to Enlarge


The Saturday morning B starting draw went well. Hot breakfast helped the supreme sweeping skills witnessed by all the fans.

Draw 1 Results
Draw 3 Results - Click to Enlarge


The 9:00PM draw is official. Look forward to seeing the B side at breakfast.

Draw 1 Results
Draw 2 Results - Click to Enlarge


The 6:45 draw is in the books. The luck of the random draw saw some some pretty close games.

Draw 1 Results
Draw 1 Results - Click to Enlarge


This year's Charity:


The Club is pleased to support The KidSafe Project Society. A non-profit organization that aims to provide nurturing safe havens for vulnerable inner-city children when schools are traditionally closed.